Connecting Farmers Digitally

As new sources are emerging on digital media and new-age farmers with full awareness are using them, we are also adopting this new method for communicating with them, to remain in constant touch digital media is a new age weapon. We are always there to help farmers, taking a step forward by showing them various opportunities and information related to agriculture by contacting them digitally.

Our social media support follows connected farmers without any falls. COVID-19 restricts us to meeting farmers personally, so our honourable MD Mr Gajanan Jadhao sir started a LIVE Youtube session every Monday& Thursday, and it got a demandingly huge response from farmers, so huge that our subscriber count touched to 1 lakh + 10M views within a year, it’s an achievement for anNGO operating social media.

As of now, there are 350+ agricultural-related videos and each video is full of comments to which our expert team reply daily. Replaying to each and every comment – this is our USP. We are fully active on Facebook with the name whitegold trust. As of now, there are two active accounts and one group account with one page collectively having 20k followers. Instagram is very famous among young farmers and we have 1143 followers which are mostly young ones. We have a database of 250k+ farmers connected with WhatsApp. On Telegram, we have 12k followers, on which daily updates regarding crop protection, spraying, weather forecast, daily agricultural news, crop rates are updated.