Weather Forecasting

We provide information on the weather forecasts in all seasons and provide all the needful information for good crop management. Weather forecasting services are a set of collective solutions used to carry out weather-sensitive operations to safeguard farmer assets, profits and improve their business performance. This growth can be attributed to the increasing safety concerns in end-use industries and a rise in climate change patterns resulting in uncertainties related to rainfall. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the weather forecasting services market, but we as a dedicated service provider for farmers has provided weather forecasting and agriculture-related information.

We have a database of around 250k farmers from Maharashtra itself. Our meteorologist Mr Akshay Deoras sir provides us with all the weather information with maximum accuracy and support from London. Our well trained IVR team provides all information to farmers related to agriculture.

Although accurate predictions can be made based on a thorough understanding of the initial conditions of weather forecasting. Weather conditions can be dynamic and sensitive due to the presence of numerous variables. The process of weather forecasting becomes complex due to the intrinsic nonlinearity of weather forecast models. Also, the proper integration and analysis of a huge amount of data make the process even more complex. Long scale weather patterns can be made with greater accuracy, but there is no proper way to carry out an accurate weather analysis in the short term. This is expected to restrain the growth of the weather forecasting services market, as the entire weather forecasting process entails various functions that need to be considered to arrive at an accurate analysis.